Valentino’s Pizza

For my first review of a local restaurant in San Marcos, I chose Valentino’s pizza on the square. With delicious pizza and an incredible location, Valentino’s is arguably the best pizza place in town. I have visited this restaurant multiple times having only enjoyed my experiences there. I returned to take a picture for this review and to order a large pizza with a half-off coupon I snagged. It was well worth the trip.

Something I find interesting about Valentino’s is the way it captures a piece of the San Marcos community. This place is always filled with locals- which definitely says something. The restaurant, founded in 1981, has the making of the perfect hole in the wall pizza parlor: neon signs, loud rock music, weekly deals, an old Galaga machine in the back and some obscene things written on the bathroom walls that wouldn’t make your mother proud. Almost weekly, Valentino’s hosts bands and artists from San Marcos and the surrounding area to come play in the restaurant. It gets loud but that’s definitely the vibe they are known for. The staff themselves also almost all look like they could be members of a rock band too. Rumor has it that its been that way since the 80’s. I look at this place and can tell that plenty of things haven’t changed since then. I absolutely love it.

The food is is above average with lots of topings, specialty pizzas, calzones, pizza rolls and more. I mean it’s pretty hard to screw up a pizza, but Valentino’s does an exceptional job of always providing a delicious pizza with fresh ingredients. House-made ranch is also a huge bonus.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Even if a Valentino’s pizza consisted strictly of cardboard and ketchup, they would probably still pull in loads customers due to their beyond ideal location and their iconic neon sign.  This is a must for any San Marcos resident. I’ll go ahead and rate it 5/5 because it undoubtedly fits the bill for a college town pizza parlor.

Check out Valentino’s on Yelp for other’s opinions.



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