Alvin Ord’s Sandwiches

I have eaten about 1,000 sandwiches from Alvin Ord’s sandwich shop.

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, but this is hands-down the best place to get a hot sandwich in the city. Seriously though, it’s not like it’s up against any major sandwich competition anyway. I mean you have Subway a couple doors down, but you would have to be out of your mind if you desire a sandwich from a massive chain over the product of a local joint loaded with character. I heard about this sandwich shop long before I became a San Martian. My dad went in the 80’s and you can probably find his name inscribed in one of the booths.

The atmosphere of Alvin Ord’s is unlike anything else. It’s definitely an uncommon hole-in-the-wall that hasn’t changed much since the day it opened in 1983. The old wooden booths that line the restaurant’s interior are covered in students’ artwork occasionally referred to as “graffiti.” There is no shortage of initials carved into hearts, curse words and bizarre drawings. One thing this place doesn’t need is a makeover. The old school charm and fresh ingredients have reeled people in for decades.

If you choose to experience an Alvin Ord’s sandwich, you MUST try the Salvation. It’s the classic with everything, ham, salami, multiple cheeses, and veggies, served hot on house made bread. Ord’s pricing is ideal for college students (it better be with its close proximity to campus) with sandwiches ranging in price from $3.50 up. I can’t get enough of this place and am thankful it is a part of my college town. Check it out when you are craving a high quality sandwich for a reasonable price.20170302_125319


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