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I stumbled upon this blog earlier this week through a friend and was honestly amazed. A Taste of Koko provides a detailed look into the culinary diversity Austin, TX has to offer. I am primarily interested in what she has to say about Austin since I live so close and find it to be my favorite city in Texas. A Taste of Koko’s posts range from in-depth reviews for Austinites as well as posts for those just visiting for a weekend event like ACL. She also includes fun things to do in Austin after you’re done with your meal. I seriously admire her style and consistency with posts.

One post I found particularly interesting was her blog titled “Over 100 New Restaurants Opened in Austin, Again“. Here she lists over one hundred restaurants that have opened in 2016, mirroring her post from 2015 that mentioned the same situation.

Similar to my blog, she reviews restaurants that are local to Austin thus supporting local businesses. Just as I show the unique San Marcos food scene, she hunts for all the best spots in Austin. A Taste of Koko gives readers the opportunity to scout out the ideal bite to eat. I hope my blog can also function as a tool for finding a great local meal.

Austin is rapidly expanding and taking new shapes constantly but blogger Jane Ko does an exceptional job of keeping up with the pace by providing exciting content.

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