Pie Society Pizza

Located north of campus in a small shopping center, Pie Society is a pizza place that has a lot to offer. Before moving to San Marcos, a friend of mine who had graduated from culinary school recommended Pie Society because it was his favorite restaurant in the city. Make your way here if you are a thin crust pizza fan. Pie Society has an upbeat, modern atmosphere that fits perfectly into the San Marcos vibe. This place has the makings of a great college pizza joint including Maine Root sodas, a variety of toppings, and craft beer on tap. Pie Society is a product of the Katz Brothers, two Texas State alumni entrepreneurs who own other local hits such as Zelick’s Ice House and Dos Gatos Bakery.

From my experience, the food has only been excellent. The cheese pizza was crispy and delicious. Garden of Eden, a pizza with fresh mushrooms, is another great choice. Although I’ve only seen the garlic knots and not yet tried them, I have a feeling they’re up to par with the pizza. I will definitely order some on my next visit.

I enjoy the close proximity to campus and the fact that it is essentially the only place to grab a slice north of campus. Similar to Valentino’s, the pizza is of high quality and fits well into the wide array of restaurants in San Marcos.


Cheese Pizza at Pie Society


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