Gil’s Broiler

Located on LBJ in downtown San Marcos, Gil’s is a place where any resident or visitor must make a stop. Gil’s is San Marcos’ oldest restaurant and also is one of it’s best. You can recognize it with it’s worn neon sign pointing towards the restaurant. Gil’s actually used to have a different exterior though. With fresh, delicious burgers, you can’t go wrong. Gil’s is a must-try.

Gil’s isn’t just well renowned for it’s low prices and long history, but for the menu item that makes it most unique: the Manske Roll. Personally, I am not a huge fan of cinnamon rolls, but the Mankse Roll has definitely changed my opinion. For a fair price you can get hot one anytime Gil’s is open. I’ll even order a burger and get one on the side. These are an iconic piece of San Marcos that you must try if you want to understand the hype.

The pricing is another incredible factor. For just $3 you can get yourself a quarter pound burger cooked to perfection. That’s a steal if you ask me, which is why I return to Gil’s so frequently. A warm Manske Roll is also just $2.49. So if you get the meal I typically get, it’s a good amount of food for a low price. The menu includes add on’s for Manske Rolls and burgers. This is the perfect destination after a long day on the San Marcos river.

A secret bonus is that after Dixie Cream Donuts closes, they bring the remaining donuts over to Gil’s where customers can enjoy them for free.

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