Herbert’s Taco Hut

To be fair, I haven’t tried every Mexican restaurant in San Marcos, but I do know that Herbert’s Taco Hut has done an outstanding job of turning me into a lifelong fan. Both of my parents are Texas State alumni and have lived in San Marcos for a bit after college. Since I can remember, they have always praised Herbert’s as their favorite place to get Mexican food in Hays county. I may be somewhat biased because of this, but I can personally attest to Herbert’s being an incredible establishment.

Herbert’s Taco Hut has been making delicious Mexican food since it was founded in 1972. My go-to menu item is the cheese or chicken enchiladas with rice, refried beans and a sweet tea. Occasionally I add a crispy beef taco on the side which is also great. Yes this is an actual grease bomb for a meal but it is well worth it. I frequently order this same plate at other Mexican restaurants and have concluded that Herbert’s simply does it best. I don’t know what they do exactly, but I do know that they serve it up well.

Herbert’s, unlike other restaurants I’ve reviewed is a bit further from downtown and campus. This doesn’t seem to hurt it’s business at all though! It is located near Rio Vista park, and easily accessible to the thousands of people traveling on I-35. Also, the Taco Hut is connected to a small grocery store operated by the same owners. This is a place you must try in San Marcos. I have been to the restaurant multiple times where I have had to wait for a table, but the line has always moved fast. If you want delicious Mexican food for a low price, go check out Herbert’s Taco Hut!



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