AJ’s Ranch Road Grill

AJ’s Ranch Road Grill is a must try local BBQ joint in San Marcos. Located at the intersection of Ranch Road 12 and West Hopkins, AJ’s is a short walk from campus and the square. San Marcos has a few BBQ places to offer, but AJ’s unique qualities let it stand out from the rest.

I particularly like AJ’s because of the high quality BBQ and the enticing menu options like pulled pork sliders. The menu item pricing really seals the deal with meals affordable on any college budget. BBQ can typically become pricey when you want to make a full meal out of it. AJ’s does a great service to their customers by not overcharging. Hooked deals can also be found here periodically.

AJ’s is not only ideal for Texas State students due to it’s reasonable prices and convenient location, but because of it’s incredible hours. This place stays open til 3 AM Monday through Saturday and 2 AM on Sundays making it San Marcos’ only late night BBQ option. Seating is limited inside but underneath string lights to the side of the building you can find a couple of picnic tables. I think BBQ is made to be enjoyed outside anyway.

Personally, I like AJ’s because it isn’t trying to be something it’s not. It’s a small, simple place that serves up incredible BBQ for a very affordable price. I have seen plenty of BBQ joints try to take on a “country” identity but end up just being full of ugly metal signs and serving overpriced, sub par BBQ. AJ’s is authentic and honest, making it the go-to spot for BBQ in San Marcos.

If you are a student with a desire for good BBQ and any common sense, make a trip over to AJ’s Ranch Road Grill.20170430_212032


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