Blog Review Summary

Throughout the past semester I have learned a lot through my blog and am happy that I discussed a topic of interest. I have been passionate about local San Marcos restaurants for a long time and am grateful that this blog let me express my thoughts and opinions. Blogging with WordPress in particular gave me access to useful tools such as easily adding photos or hyperlinking text to external webpages.

To improve my blog I could see myself including more photographs to increase the readers comprehension. I could also see myself creating a video component to accompany my blogs, further adding information for the audience. Interviews with local business owners would also bring depth to my blog along with a more personal side of a restaurant. I believe adding things like these would help me further my description of local restaurants and what makes them special.

My experience blogging about local restaurants in San Marcos could prove to others that I have a love for local business and supporting the local economy. I could potentially polish this blog and send it a future employer that may be interested in the way I write or present my opinions. Overall, this blog was a great learning experience for me. I took advantage of tools that enabled me to express my view point on a topic I am passionate about.20170212_193930

To keep up with my thoughts and opinions and food and local dives, you can check out my Yelp page.


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