About Me


My name is Tyler Jackson. I am an Mass Communication major at Texas State and I am passionate about local dives and restaurants in my college town, San Marcos, TX. I believe supporting local businesses, particularly restaurants, is vital to the city’s economy. Most local business owners in San Marcos are residents who care deeply about what happens in their home city. So shopping and eating local is a way of keeping our town alive and well. Choosing local also keeps the culture alive and promotes it among the clutter of big name chains. Choosing a local sandwich shop or pizzeria is deciding to experience something unique, rather than a cookie cutter Chipotle or Subway. A local restaurant is a display of San Marcos’ character that is a one-of-a-kind experience.

I enjoy the wide array of restaurants in San Marcos because I appreciate the variety of flavor I can experience. I have a world of taste right at my finger tips with San Marcos’ excellent selection of eateries. From sushi to pizza to tacos, it’s all here in town. I also have an interest in photography and use that as a medium to convey my purpose. I have incorporated my photography into my blogs as well.

I love the this city and have grown up visiting here with my family. I believe San Marcos is somewhat of a well-kept secret even though our population is growing at a substantial rate. I have always had an interest in good food, but not truly until I moved to a city like San Marcos where I am exposed to such a wide variety.